Paper Mario's Return

Paper Mario's classic RPG is back on Nintendo Switch. A remastered version is coming, reigniting its unique charm.

A Nostalgic Adventure

Nintendo revisits the past with Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Set for 2024, it's been 20 years since its GameCube debut.

Quest for a Thousand-Year Treasure

Join Mario and friends as they unlock the secrets behind the legendary Thousand-Year Door. Explore, fold, and fly in 2D style.

Stunning Visual Upgrade

Get ready for "improved graphics" that shine in Nintendo's first trailer. More details are under wraps, but it's looking promising

A Blend of 2D and 3D

Thousand-Year Door marries stunning 3D animations with crisp 2D graphics, staying true to the Paper Mario series.

Fan Demands Answered

Fans have longed for this re-release due to its captivating story, RPG depth, and scarcity outside GameCube.

A Classic in Its Time

In 2004, it won hearts with humor, varied gameplay, and an enchanting world that begged exploration.

A Musical Journey

Enjoy an unforgettable soundtrack filled with classic melodies. This epic adventure offers over 30 hours of playtime.

Nintendo's Direct Lineup

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door joins other announcements, including F-Zero 99, Unicorn Overlord, and Tomb Raider Remastered Collection.

Super Mario RPG Remake

Don't miss the remake of Super Mario RPG, revealed earlier this year with a fresh gameplay trailer.