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Who Is Ashu Sehrawat ?

Ashu Sehrawat, undoubtedly a rising star, swiftly gained prominence in India as a renowned stock trader and self-made millionaire. At just 22, he not only became a successful day trader and swing trader but also began his journey of continuous growth and strategy refinement. In this discussion, we delve into Ashu Sehrawat’s road to online trading success, his innovative trading strategies, and the invaluable lessons he’s learned throughout his journey.

Trendnyt: Thank you for joining us today, Ashu. Your journey as a successful stock trader is truly inspiring.

Can you tell us about how you first got introduced to the world of trading?

Ashu Sehrawat: Thank you for having me. My introduction to trading actually began at a young age. My father was an entrepreneur, and he started investing in the stock market as his business grew. Witnessing his success piqued my interest in the stock market, and I started researching stocks when I was just 18.

That’s quite early to get into trading. Can you share with us your initial experiences as you ventured into the stock market?

Ashu Sehrawat: Absolutely. I initially joined a penny stock chat club, where the focus was on breakout trading. However, I faced challenges with this strategy as my trades consistently went against me. I blew out my initial capital due to unsuccessful breakouts.

It’s interesting how you learned from your setbacks. How did you transition from those early struggles to finding a more successful trading approach?

Ashu Sehrawat: After facing losses, I decided to learn from experienced traders. I started following successful short sellers and delved into their strategies. I discovered that shorting overvalued stocks, especially those with poor fundamentals, was a more viable approach. When, I made my first profitable trade by shorting a low-priced stock, and this marked a turning point for me.

Your journey seems to have taken a positive turn after that. Can you elaborate on your trading strategy and the criteria you developed?

Ashu Sehrawat: Absolutely. My strategy revolves around shorting stocks with inflated values due to mismanagement or dubious news. I realized the importance of patience and selectiveness in identifying stocks ripe for shorting. Over time, I refined my criteria, focusing on companies that were overhyped and poorly managed.

Patience and focus seem to have played a significant role in your success. What advice would you give to aspiring traders who are just starting?

Ashu Sehrawat: My advice would be to invest time in learning and understanding the market. Trading isn’t a get-rich-quick scheme; it requires consistent effort and continuous learning. Also, never underestimate the value of setting clear criteria and staying patient for the right opportunities.

ashu sehrawat

Thank you for sharing your valuable insights, Ashu. Your journey from novice to successful trader is truly motivating and instructive for aspiring traders.

Ashu Sehrawat: Thank you for having me. I hope my experiences can help others navigate their own trading journeys successfully.


Q: How did Ashu Sehrawat first become interested in stock trading?

A: Ashu’s interest in stock trading began when he observed his father’s successful ventures in the market.

Q: What was the turning point in Ashu’s trading journey?

A: Ashu’s breakthrough came when he discovered the effectiveness of short selling overvalued stocks.

Q: What criteria does Ashu use to identify stocks for shorting?

A: Ashu focuses on poorly managed companies with inflated values and “fluff” news.

Q: What advice does Ashu have for new traders?

A: Ashu emphasizes the importance of learning, patience, and setting clear criteria for trading success.

Q: How does Ashu view the future of online trading?

A: Ashu sees online trading as a growing trend, especially with the accessibility of user-friendly platforms and expert guidance.

This interview with Ashu Sehrawat sheds light on his journey from early struggles to becoming a successful stock trader. His experiences and insights provide valuable lessons for those looking to excel in the trading world.

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