In the modern digital landscape, captivating visuals play a pivotal role in content creation, marketing, and design. High-quality stock photography has become an essential resource for businesses, bloggers, designers, and marketers to enhance their projects. With a myriad of options available, it’s crucial to identify the best commercial stock photography websites that offer an extensive range of images that cater to various needs and styles. With a wide range of options and subscription plans, these platforms make it easy to find and utilize high-quality visuals to enhance your projects and effectively convey your message.


Commercial Stock Photography Websites

Shutterstock stands as one of the pioneers in the stock photography industry, offering a vast library of over 350 million images, videos, and music tracks. With a user-friendly interface, powerful search features, and a flexible pricing model, Shutterstock caters to professionals and enthusiasts alike. From corporate visuals to creative concepts, Shutterstock’s diverse collection has it all.

Subscription details

  • All-in-one subscriptions: $25–$249/month ($0.22–$4.90/image; $2.23–$29/video; $0.89–$14.50/audio track)
  • Image packs: $29–$299 ($9.16–$14.50/image) (Monthly to Annual Billings)
  • Editorial images: $199–$2,479 ($99–$199/image) (Monthly to Annual Billings)
  • Extended License: $199–$1,699 ($67.96–$99.50/image) (Monthly to Annual Billings)
  • Video packs: $299–$2,299 ($51.96–$119.80/video) (Monthly to Annual Billings)
  • Music: $16.60/month for unlimited downloads

Getty Images

Commercial Stock Photography Websites

Getty Images is renowned for its exceptional quality and global reach. With an impressive library of over 300 million assets, including images, videos, and music, it offers premium content for editorial, creative, and commercial purposes. Furthermore, Getty Images’ industry expertise ensures a consistent supply of relevant and compelling visuals.

Getty Images Subscription details

  • Image packs: $150 – $499 per download

Adobe Stock

Commercial Stock Photography Websites

Adobe Stock seamlessly integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud applications, making it a favorite among designers and creators .Also, its extensive collection of high-quality images, videos, and templates simplifies the process of finding assets that align with creative visions. The tight integration with Adobe software streamlines the design workflow.

Adobe Stock Subscription details

  • Image packs: $29–$249.99 / $29 -$199.99 (Monthly to Annual Billings)
  • Video packs: $7.99–$22.39/video and $64.00–$199.80/On demand video
  • Music: $0.26–$9.99/music track
  • Extended license: $79.99


Commercial Stock Photography Websites

iStock, powered by Getty Images, provides a diverse range of visual content. Not only does it cater to budget-conscious users, but it also appeals to those seeking premium assets. Furthermore, the content is available at varying price points, both affordable and high-end. Thanks to their easy-to-use platform and comprehensive search filters, also finding the right image for any project is a breeze.

iStock Subscription details

  • All-in-one subscriptions: $12–$2400/month
  • Image packs: $29–$166 / $70 -$333 (Monthly to Annual Billings)
  • Video packs: $99–$265 (Monthly to Annual Billings)

Shutterstock Editorial

Commercial Stock Photography Websites

Shutterstock Editorial specializes in news, sports, and entertainment content, making it an excellent resource for editorial projects. Although, this platform offers real-time coverage of global events and trends, ensuring you have the latest and most relevant images for news articles and stories.

Shutterstock Editorial Subscription details

  • Image packs: $99 for 25 images (Monthly Billings)
  • Video packs: $149 (Monthly Billings)


Commercial Stock Photography Websites

Alamy boasts a vast collection of over 235 million images, vectors, and videos from contributors worldwide. Furthermore, focus on authenticity and diversity, it caters to a wide range of industries, including editorial, creative, and commercial users. Alamy’s unique approach ensures a selection of distinct and genuine visuals.

Alamy Subscription details

  • Image packs: $19.99–$199.99 (Monthly Billings)


Commercial Stock Photography Websites

Dreamstime’s user-friendly interface, diverse collection, and affordable pricing make it a popular choice for individuals and businesses alike. Their extensive library of over 160 million images, illustrations, and videos offers ample options for a variety of projects.

Dreamstime Subscription details

  • All-in-one subscriptions: $199–$410/month (image, video, and audio)
  • Image packs: $25–$219 (Monthly Billings)
  • Credit packages: $14.99–$1,750 (Monthly to Annual Billings)
  • Extended License: $59–$11,500 (Monthly Billings)
  • Video packs: $14.99–$1,188.99 (Monthly Billings)
  • Music: $19.99–$99.99/monthly for 1–10 downloads


Commercial Stock Photography Websites

123RF offers an expansive collection of over 115 million images, videos, vectors, and audio clips. With budget-friendly subscription plans and credits for individual purchases, also it’s a great choice for cost-conscious users seeking high-quality visuals across multiple categories.

123RF Subscriptions

  • 7-day free trial
  • Image/Videos, and audio clips packs: $29 -$119 / $269 – $1149 (Monthly to Annual Billings)

Stocksy United

Commercial Stock Photography Websites

Stocksy United stands out for its curated collection of premium stock photos, videos, and illustrations. Although, their artist-owned cooperative model ensures unique and authentic content that caters to the creative community’s discerning tastes.

Stocksy Subscriptions

  • Image packs: $15 -$125 (Monthly to Annual Billings)
  • Videos: $75 – $400 (Monthly to Annual Billings)

Canva Pro

Canva pro

Canva Pro also offers a comprehensive design tool that caters to a variety of needs. Moreover, it grants access to a vast library of over 75 million stock images and assets, ensuring a well-rounded creative experience. Additionally, its integration with Canva’s design platform enables users to create eye-catching visuals seamlessly.

Canva Pro Subscriptions

  • Image/Videos & Music packs: $14.99 -$119.99(Monthly to Annual Billings)



With a vast collection of over 190 million files, Depositphotos offers a wide variety of images, videos, and vectors at competitive prices. Their user-friendly interface and versatile subscription options make it a convenient choice for various projects.

Depositphotos Subscriptions

  • Image packs: $9.99 -$199/$99 – $1699(Monthly to Annual Billings)
  • Videos: $89 – $199 /$809 – $1609 (Monthly to Annual Billings)
  • Music & SFX: $12.99 – $129 (Monthly to Annual Billings) for unlimited downloads



Pond5 specializes in stock videos, music, and sound effects, making it a valuable resource for multimedia projects. Along with over 25 million video clips and a vast audio library, Pond5 caters to filmmakers, video editors, and content creators.

Pond5 Subscriptions

  • Image packs: $199 -$999(Monthly to Annual Billings)
  • Music: $25-$30 /$150-$180 (Monthly to Annual Billings) for unlimited downloads


The realm of commercial stock photography websites offers a plethora of options for businesses, designers, and furthermore, content creators to source high-quality visuals. Also, each of the top 12 platforms mentioned here brings its unique strengths, ranging from vast collections to specialized content, catering to diverse creative needs. Whether you’re seeking images, videos, or audio assets, these platforms empower you to tell your story and captivate your audience. Additionally, they enhance your projects, making them more impactful.


What is commercial photography?

Commercial photography, on the one hand, involves creating images for commercial use, such as in advertisements, marketing materials, and product catalogs. On the other hand, its goal is to promote products or services, thus maximizing their visual appeal and impact.

Besides advertising fashion, what does commercial photography do?

Commercial photography extends beyond fashion advertising and encompasses various areas like product photography, corporate portraits, architectural photography, and more.

What are the commercial advantages of photography in advertising and fashion?

In advertising and fashion, commercial photography enhances brand visibility, also, showcases products in an appealing way, and connects emotionally with the target audience, driving sales and brand recognition.

What is considered commercial photography?

Commercial photography, on the one hand, encompasses photography specifically aimed at business or commercial objectives. This involves tasks like product promotion, corporate branding, and executing marketing campaigns, on the other hand.

What does commercial photography mean?

Commercial photography refers to creating images with a business objective, aiming to promote products, services, or brands to the target audience.

How much to charge for commercial photography?

Commercial photography rates vary widely based on factors like the project scope, usage rights, location, and photographer’s expertise. It’s essential to evaluate these factors to determine appropriate pricing.

How to get commercial photography clients?

To attract commercial photography clients, build a strong portfolio, leverage social media and online platforms, network with businesses, attend industry events, and offer exceptional service to build referrals.

How to get into commercial photography?

Start by developing your photography skills; additionally, create a diverse portfolio. Furthermore, specialize in a niche within commercial photography, like product, fashion, or food photography. Networking, showcasing your work online, and pursuing relevant training can help you break into the field.

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