FOAMSTARS Open Beta Party: Dive into Bubbly Battles

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The highly anticipated FOAMSTARS Open Beta Party is just around the corner, bringing an extravaganza of foam-filled multiplayer battles to both PS5 and PS4. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the exciting details of the game, characters, and the upcoming Open Beta Party. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the FOAMSTARS universe, there’s something for everyone in this action-packed adventure.

JFoamstars Open Beta Party Release Date

The buzz around the FOAMSTARS Open Beta Party release date has reached a fever pitch, and fans are eager to mark their calendars. The developers have officially announced that the grand event is set to kick off on 6th Feb 2024. Get ready to immerse yourself in the foam-filled mayhem as you download and join the exciting world of FOAMSTARS.

Foamstars Open Beta Party Download

For eager players itching to jump into the action, the FOAMSTARS Open Beta Party download is a crucial step. Fortunately, accessing the beta version is a breeze. Head over to the official PS4 store and search for FOAMSTARS. Once located, simply click ‘Download’ and let the gaming adventure begin. It’s that simple!

Foamstars Open Beta Party PS4 and PS5

The FOAMSTARS Open Beta Party isn’t exclusive to the next-gen console; it’s a celebration for both PS4 and PS5 users. Whether you’re rocking the latest PS5 or sticking with your trusty PS4, you can experience the foam-filled fun firsthand. So, gather your friends, form teams, and get ready for a gaming experience that transcends console boundaries.

Exploring the FOAMSTARS Universe

Now that we’ve covered the logistics, let’s delve into the heart of FOAMSTARS – the diverse and vibrant characters that make this game truly unique. With a roster of eight FOAMSTARS, each with their own distinct personality and abilities, choosing your champion is no easy feat.


Soa – The Bubbly Idol

Soa, a stylish idol, brings acrobatic prowess to the battlefield. Her Foam Gun, Twinkle Groove, fires bubbles rapidly, and her Bubble Beastie, Spiky, adds explosive flair to her arsenal. Soa’s unique skills and Super Star Skill make her a force to be reckoned with, rolling around inside a massive Spiky.

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ΔGITO – The Pro-Gamer Extraordinaire

ΔGITO, a pro-gamer dominating e-sports, enters FOAMSMASH with his Foam Gun, MURΔMΔSΔ, and Bubble Beastie, KIRIMΔRU. His Super Star Skill involves a colossal KIRIMΔRU chasing down nearby rivals. ΔGITO brings a competitive edge to the battlefield with high-power buckshot bubbles.

Tonix – The Curious Inventor

Tonix, a genius inventor, adds a touch of curiosity to FOAMSTARS. Armed with Her Majesty Queen Soda, a Charge Burst Rifle, and Bubble Beastie Squash, Tonix excels in testing her inventions on the battlefield. From turret guns to exploding foam bombs, Tonix’s skills are as varied as her creations.

Jet Justice – The Self-Proclaimed Hero

Jet Justice, a self-proclaimed hero and peacekeeper, fights for the peace of Bath Vegas. With the Jet Blaster shotgun and Graviton Bubble Beastie, Jet Justice excels in both offense and defense. His Super Star Skill creates a shield that repels rival foam shots, adding a strategic element to the game.

Mel T – The Ice Cream CEO

Mel T, the owner of an ice cream brand, enters FOAMSMASH to promote Meltie’s. Armed with Heartful Delivery, a Homing Launcher, and Bubble Beastie Candy, Mel T combines innocence with firepower. From ice cream-shaped foam missiles to a cream laser, Mel T ensures her presence is felt on the battlefield.

The Baristador – The Gentleman of Mystery

The Baristador, an unassuming café owner, surprises everyone with his Coffee Breaker Long Hose Foam Gun. Accompanied by Bubble Beastie Toraja, The Baristador unleashes syphon-style missiles and foaming milk lasers. His knowledge of Bath Vegas is unmatched, adding an element of mystery to the battlefield.

Rave Breaker – The Clean Freak

Rave Breaker, a clean freak, enters FOAMSMASH to sanitize the competition. Armed with the World Sanitizer Wide Hose Foam Gun and Bubble Beastie Roly-Moley, Rave Breaker’s skills involve diving under foam and unleashing powerful foam attacks. His Super Star Skill releases a massive Roly-Moley that sucks up rivals and foam.

Pen Gwyn – The Penguin Soldier

Pen Gwyn, a penguin soldier, fights against global warming with the PNG-90S Assault Rifle Foam Gun. Her Bubble Beasties Slider, Waddler, and Emp offer a range of foam attacks. Pen Gwyn’s dream is to use FOAMSMASH winnings to stop the shrinkage of Antarctica.

The FOAMSTARS Experience

Choosing a FOAMSTAR is a personal journey, and there’s no ‘correct’ choice. Each character is viable, allowing players to discover their strengths and contribute to the team’s success. Whether you prefer the acrobatic agility of Soa, the gaming expertise of ΔGITO, or the inventive creations of Tonix, the FOAMSTARS universe offers a diverse and dynamic gaming experience.

Game Mechanics and Strategies

As you dive into the FOAMSTARS universe, it’s essential to understand the game mechanics and develop effective strategies to outwit your opponents. The following tips will give you the edge in the foam-filled battles:

Quick Tips for Success:

1. Surf into Victory

  • Foaming up your rivals isn’t enough – surf into them to knock them out!
  • If a teammate has been foamed up, release them by surfing into them. Deny your opponents a takedown and turn the tide in your favor!

2. Navigate Enemy Foam

  • Enemy foam will slow you down, so try to stay away!
  • Alternatively, replace enemy foam with your own – the more you’re on your own bubbles, the better!

3. Strategic Foam Usage

  • Use foam to build walls, create towers for the high ground, and more.
  • Collaborate with your team to find creative ways to outwit your opponents using foam as a strategic tool.

4. Unleash Your Skills

  • Skills recharge over time, and spreading foam around the arena or covering rivals can give them a boost.
  • Don’t hesitate to unleash your skills – they can be game-changers!

Experiment and Have Fun

FOAMSTARS offers a depth of gameplay that rewards experimentation. Try out different characters, explore their skills, and discover a playstyle that suits you. The game’s diverse mechanics provide endless possibilities for strategic play and exciting moments. As you embark on your FOAMSTARS journey, remember to have fun and embrace the dynamic and lively atmosphere of the game.

FOAMSTARS Open Beta Party: What to Expect

The FOAMSTARS Open Beta Party promises an immersive and entertaining experience for players eager to dive into the game. With a diverse cast of characters, strategic gameplay, and the thrill of foam-filled battles, the Open Beta Party is set to be a highlight for both new and seasoned players.

Stay Updated and Engaged

As the FOAMSTARS Open Beta Party approaches, stay tuned for updates, announcements, and additional information about the game. The developers are committed to delivering a memorable gaming experience, and there’s much more to come. Join the community, share your experiences, and get ready for an unforgettable journey into the FOAMSTARS universe.


In conclusion, the FOAMSTARS Open Beta Party is a celebration of vibrant characters, strategic gameplay, and the joy of foam-filled battles. With a diverse roster of FOAMSTARS, each offering a unique playstyle, players are in for an engaging and dynamic gaming experience. The upcoming release date, cross-platform availability, and the promise of exciting battles make FOAMSTARS a must-try for gaming enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a fan of acrobatic maneuvers, competitive gaming, inventive creations, or the thrill of clean competition, FOAMSTARS has something for everyone. Download the Open Beta, assemble your team, and prepare for an adrenaline-pumping adventure in the FOAMSTARS universe. See you on the battlefield, and may the foam be ever in your favor!

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