Legendary Hoplite: A Tower Defense RPG Adventure

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Legendary Hoplite, an exciting Tower Defense RPG developed by TripleBricksGames, has recently unveiled its official trailer. The game draws inspiration from Greek mythology, promising an immersive experience for players. While the release window remains undisclosed, avid gamers can already wishlist the title on Steam. The primary focus is on PC, with no official confirmation regarding its availability on other platforms.

Trailer Overview

The newly released trailer showcases a captivating fusion of traditional Tower Defense and Action RPG mechanics. Players can anticipate engaging gameplay, involving the strategic upgrade of warriors and facing escalating waves of enemies. The game’s setting, deeply rooted in Greek mythology, adeptly incorporates iconic imagery and creatures from classical mythology and film adaptations. Notably, the core gameplay revolves around defending a gate strategically placed in a choke point.

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Chapter One: Rise of the Underworld

The introduction chapter, titled “Rise of the Underworld,” sets an intriguing tone for the game. The article author expresses enthusiasm for the game’s introduction, highlighting the immersive experience right from the start. The combination of time-appropriate music and a Cubist-like art style immediately captures the player’s attention.

Playing as Dio, a captain in Ithaca’s formidable army, players witness a normal night turning into a nightmare. Skeletal soldiers rise inexplicably from their graves, leading to the captivating title of the first chapter. This sets the stage for the player to dive into combat, defending against the undead menace.

Gameplay Mechanics

The action unfolds on a field with seven delineated rows. Dio stands on one side while waves of undead enemies charge from the opposite end. Players must strategically jump between rows, using an inexhaustible supply of javelins to thwart the advancing enemies and protect the gate’s health bar. Additionally, a phalanx of warriors can be summoned to defend a specific column, providing tactical options.

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As the gameplay progresses, the author describes a well-balanced challenge until the final wave of skeletons presents a formidable threat. Divine intervention in the form of the goddess Gaia provides Dio with a powerful ability, enabling the simultaneous throw of multiple javelins and turning the tide of battle.

Post-Battle Progression

Following the intense battle, players collect experience points and equipment before navigating an overworld map. This map serves as a strategic interface, indicating upcoming fights, enemy types, and opportunities to upgrade the hero’s gear and army. The author highlights the engaging gameplay loop, emphasizing the continuous progression of facing stronger opponents, acquiring new abilities, and obtaining powerful loot.

Early Impressions

While the article acknowledges that Legendary Hoplite is in early development, the author commends the game for its positive elements, such as the fitting soundtrack, Cubist-like art style, and engaging gameplay loop. However, the author notes some issues, including missing words in the dialogue and occasional ability malfunctions. It is emphasized that these issues are expected to be addressed as the development team continues refining the title.


In conclusion, Legendary Hoplite appears to be a promising addition to the Tower Defense RPG genre, offering a captivating blend of Greek mythology, strategic gameplay, and engaging progression. With its unique setting and evolving mechanics, the game holds potential for an immersive gaming experience. While some early issues are acknowledged, anticipation remains high for the developers to refine and polish the game before its eventual release. As the development progresses, players can look forward to more updates and news about Legendary Hoplite.

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